Creating wealth for everyday Aussies, through property.

TenX Wealth is a Property Investment and Wealth Creation Advisory service for hardworking Australians who want to get ahead.

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We can help you buy a much cheaper investment property in Australia so you can continue living in an area you really like.

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Wealth Accumulators

We offer property investors the most suitable investment strategy that is fully optimised for wealth accumulation.

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Wealth Consolidators

For those who want to solidify their investment property portfolios and minimise risks without compromising growth

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Retiring soon? We can help you devise an investment plan so you can put your pension fund to work while you enjoy your golden years

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Discover How to Build Wealth Through Property

Investing in real estate is a top choice among Australians.

TENX Wealth can help you find efffective wealth-building strategies that are fit to your investment goals.

Grant and Darren at 10X Wealth have been fantastic. We were able to correct our superannuation and also accumulate an investment property. Great company with great people.

David & Helen

Our Unique Process Takes the Risk Out of Property Investing

With over 40 years of combined experience in property investments, TenX Wealth can provide you the most suitable guidance you need so you can start building your wealth while minimising risks

  • We assess your overall financial position
  • Our expert panels will provide you comprehensive strategies to achieve your goals
  • Professional property investment advisors will guide you through the implementation of your strategy
  • We’ll continue guiding and supporting you so you can reach your investment property goals

Our Pledge to You

“At TenX Wealth we are committed to providing you a comprehensive property investment strategy that is based on a tailored and personalised service to meet your unique goals.

We deliver our services that are ethical and particularly specific to your needs incorporating diversity, social, and economic standings and passion for investment opportunities.”


Join hundreds of Australians who are now property investors thanks to TenX Wealth’s comprehensive investment strategies.

What People Say About Us


10X were able to help me organise my finances, build my investment portfolio and feel better about my future financial circumstances. I was drowning in debt however with their guidance i was able to organise my money and now have zero credit cards and money in the bank. I have referred many of my family to the company.

Jay & Susan

10 Wealth were able to provide us with the guidance and support we needed to build our wealth and secure of futures. The process is complex however the style and manner on how they approach each part was excellent. We never felt pressured or rushed and were able to take the time to make the decisions. Clients for life!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does property investment mean?

A property investment refers to real estate that has been acquired with the goal of earning through the resale of the property in the future, receiving the passive income in the form of rent, or both. 

This form of investment is very popular in Australia where people like to purchase houses or apartment buildings for rental income. 

Some Australians are also into short-term property investments in the form of house flipping.

How do I start in property investing?

The journey to become a property investor is not etched in stone. There are many ways you can acquire a property in Australia for the purpose of investments. 

However, the usual steps that many property investors go through are the following: 

  1. Assess your financial situation
  2. Select a particular property investment strategy
  3. Study your target market
  4. Identify your investment property criteria
  5. Build your team
  6. Raise money for down payments and reserves
  7. Acquire property

How much do I need to start in property investment?

While it is easier to become a property investor if you have lots of money sitting in the bank, you really don’t need millions of dollars to acquire a property for investment. 

Many successful property investors in Australia started buying properties with little money. Remember, purchasing an investment property is not all about acquisition, but more about understanding your strategy and your market. 

Financing, while crucial, is just a part of property investment. You can explore many options such as property investment loans, real estate investment groups (REIGs), real estate investment trusts (REITs), and many more.

Is an investment property a good idea?

Property investment is a key component of many Australians who have successfully built their wealth. 

While it has its downsides like property market crashes, vacancies, and sudden economic downturns, the property is considered a good investment compared to other vehicles like stocks or bonds. 

Investing in property is always a good idea if you understand the market and you have a sound investment strategy in place to minimise the risks and maximise your revenue. 

Ready to Build Your Wealth?

Professional property investment advisors are waiting for you. Schedule a strategy session today and let's work out your personalised game plan.