40 Years Of Combined Experience

TENX Wealth specializes in helping everyday Australians increase their wealth through property investing, utilizing equity through personal finances and/or superannuation to build property portfolios.

TENX Wealth was established to provide sound mentoring and inclusive guidance to individuals seeking to create and expand their portfolios.

The founding members of TENX Wealth have successfully guided thousands of clients within the investment arena, which includes property investment, cash flow analysis, mortgage broking and portfolio structuring. 

We pride ourselves on delivering services that are ethical and particularly specific to the needs of our clients, such as incorporating diversity, social standing, economic standings and passion for investment opportunities.

Professional Assessment

We assess your overall financial position – by understanding your current wealth combined with their current obligations, this helps us map out the road ahead.

Expert Panel Advice

By utilizing our expert panel, we provide comprehensive strategies to achieve your goals. Examples include paying-off the family home, increasing cash surplus, reducing tax obligations, building passive income for a comfortable retirement and wealth protection/estate planning.

Supportive Execution

We guide you through step by step implementation of your strategy. This includes company structures, refinancing, investment purchases through the residential and commercial property, superannuation guidance and lending. 

Portfolio Committee

Using our Portfolio Committee, we can access small, medium and large-scale developers across the country to provide you with competitive properties that have passed our 10-Point Investment Criteria.

Continued Guidance

Our team is committed to providing continued support to see you reach your goals. We look to create a long-lasting partnership with our clients. We build a community of members that are all aspiring to reach financial freedom. 

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TENX Wealth has a team of property investment advisors who can help you achieve your property investment goals.