May 17, 2021

Meet TenX Wealth – A New Wealth Creation Brisbane Advisory Service for Everyday Aussies

Today’s an exciting day! 

We are thrilled to announce the launch of TenX Wealth – a new property investment and wealth creation advisory service for hardworking Australians who want to get ahead. 

Our team has worked hard to bring innovation to the property industry that has given countless opportunities for Aussies to become millionaires. 

Even though we are introducing a new brand, our customers can still enjoy the time-tested advisory service polished by more than 40 years of combined experience in property investments. 

Our founding members have successfully guided thousands of Australian investors to build life-changing real estate portfolios while minimising risks. 

People We Help 

More than a new shiny website, we designed the whole advisory experience to help the following types of investors: 

  • Rentvesters – We can help you buy a much cheaper investment property in Australia so you can continue living in an area you like.
  • Wealth Accumulators – We offer property investors the most suitable investment strategy fully optimised for wealth accumulation.
  • Wealth Consolidators – For those who want to solidify their investment property portfolios and minimise risks without compromising growth
  • Pre-Retirees – Retiring soon? We can help you devise an investment plan so you can put your pension fund to work while you enjoy your golden years.

Learn Property Investment Strategies from the Experts 

As a way to empower property investors, our new website also serves as a platform where you can learn popular investment strategies

With our investment advisory board and your industry peers, you can learn helpful investment methods such as: 

Feel free to explore TENX Wealth. 

For comments and suggestions, call us on 1300 945 122 or send us an email at [email protected]

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn for the latest property investment updates. 

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Meet TenX Wealth – A New Wealth Creation Brisbane Advisory Service for Everyday Aussies

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