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David & Helen

David & Helen's Testimonial

Grant and Darren at 10X Wealth have been fantastic. We had a very enjoyable experience with them, and they made the whole process easy and seamless. We were able to correct our superannuation and also accumulate an investment property. The guidance and restructuring on how to pay down the mortgage has been wonderful and to date we can see our debt tumbling. Great company with great people.

Jay & Susan

Jay and Susan's Testimonial

We had been searching for a company that could give us the confidence to help in all areas financial. 10 X Wealth were able to provide us with the guidance and support we needed to build our wealth and secure of futures. The process is complex however the style and manner on how they approach each part was excellent. We never felt pressured or rushed and were able to take the time to make the decisions. Clients for life!


Ruth's Testimonial

Thanks to TEN X Wealth I now have my life in order. 10X were able to help me organise my finances, build my investment portfolio and feel better about my future financial circumstances. I was drowning in debt however with their guidance i was able to organise my money and now have zero credit cards and money in the bank. I have referred many of my family to the company.