Darren Naicker


Darren’s Background / Work Experience

  • 8 years as a Taxation Accountant within a medium scale firm
  • 6 years as a Wealth Strategist for a large scale firm

Darren believes that there is a serious disconnect between everyday knowledge and financial literacy and thinks that through TENX Wealth, he is able to work with clients to provide the fundamental knowledge required to help them achieve their financial goals.

As the Head of Wealth Services at TENX Wealth, Darren focuses on educating clients and working with them in a comfortable environment.

“The best part of my job is completing a strategy and showing a client how they can pay their mortgage off and be financially free without major changes,” says Darren. “Once a client understands the concepts and fundamentals, I love to see them believe the process and continue to implement their investments and increase their wealth.”

Darren strongly believes in the impact they are creating for people. For example, he relates the story below about a client helped by TENX Wealth:

“A family struggled to obtain finance to purchase a home. They had the resources and serviceability however due to their circumstance were unable to obtain approvals. 

We worked with the family, introducing them to our partner networks and changed their income structures.

The first milestone was receiving the funds to purchase their family home. We then allowed the client to purchase two investment properties and their entire portfolio is scheduled to be paid off within the next 14 years.

When the clients started to date (18months) they have increased their internal cash flow, net wealth and managed to reduce their tax burden each year.

The clients are very happy and continue to want to invest and build their wealth.” 

Darren aims to continue educating and working with his current and future clients and help them reach their goals.

“The difference we practice at TEN X Wealth, is we wish to be involved in our client’s lives,” Darren declares. “We want to remain a boutique firm that can be reached rather than a large scale firm where clients become a number”