Grant Bowie


Grant’s Background / Work Experience

  • 8 Years in the Real Estate Industry.

Grant loves the ability to see clients grow their wealth on the back of negotiating and relationship brokering he has undergone through his years in the industry.

As the Head of Property Services at TENX Wealth, Grant believes that hard work is always rewarded regardless if it is instant or in the future.

“The best part of my job is seeing genuine satisfaction in a client after going through the process of sourcing a property that exceeds their expectation,” says Grant who is able to be friends with his clients.

For example, he once sourced a recommendation that was $50,000 below comparable properties on the market. That client has now become a personal friend.

Aiming to create a community of educated investors who can use the years of experience that he and his team used to drive their own success, Grant goes above and beyond to protect people from the sharks of the industry.