Ryan Epa


Ryan’s Background / Work Experience

  • 10 years experience in the finance industry
  • Specialises in backend administration and implementation of investments
  • Works in all areas of finance from share investment implementation, investment model formulation, research and SMSF establishment

Ryan enjoys assisting clients in the implementation phase of investment recommendations.

Taking charge of backend administration, he thinks that taking the administrative burden away from clients to ease recommendation execution is truly rewarding.

“The best part of my job is working closely with clients to execute efficiently. Time is of the essence in the investment space,” says Ryan. “When the market moves, it can significantly impact the long term outcomes if the execution is poor.

Ryan believes that working closely with a client to move funds from one provider to another has its complications. For example, he relates the story below about one of TENX Wealth’s clients:

“I worked closely with a client of ours where they were executing a rollover to their SMSF. The company this particular client was being difficult in what was required.

The client was becoming quite frustrated with this company, but having experience in this area allowed me to get involved and ensure the client was persistent to achieve the outcome we needed to secure a property before it was taken away due to the time passed.

In the end, rollovers were executed in time, deposits paid and the client was satisfied.”

Aiming to implement strategies efficiently for all TENX Wealth clients, Ryan is in charge to make sure that they don’t miss out over the long term.

“We don’t accept mediocrity, which allows seamless implementation of client strategies,” Ryan declared.