Simplify Your Life with Wealth Consolidation

Missed mortgage payments or failed to take advantage of new tax benefits because your personal / business accounting was not in order? Wealth consolidation from TENX Wealth can help.

Many Australian investors find that their finances can end up in sprawl because they are using one bank for their regular transactions, another for their retirement fund, and a brokerage firm for their investments. 

It can be difficult to understand your current wealth if you have an array of accounts. That’s why at TENX Wealth we often work with investors who are in need to consolidate their wealth.

Benefits of Wealth Consolidation Australia

Here are some benefits that consolidating your investments can make your life easier:

  • Macro view of your investments - it is much easier to manage your investment strategy and maintain your traction to achieve short-term and long-term targets
  • Better tax efficiency - wealth consolidation in Australia can help your portfolio become more tax-efficient, which can help you save money 
  • Reduced fees & commissions - consolidating your investments may result in lower fee structure or added service offerings from your chosen firm 
  • Better investment planning - with all your investment under one house, it can be easier to assess and execute an strategy that will help you achieve your goals

Consolidated Yet Diversified Investments

Consider consolidating your investments under one house. This will allow you to work with one team of investment advisors who can guide you in making important investment decisions.

It is normal to ask for a second opinion when it comes to investments, but you can still achieve this even with one investment firm. 

TENX Wealth has an expert panel who can provide you with comprehensive wealth strategies to achieve your goals. 

Before You Consolidate Your Wealth

Before you consolidate your investments, be sure that you understand the benefits and drawbacks of this strategy.

Wealth consolidation, especially if you are investing in real estate is an important decision that you should carefully plan. 

Ideally, you should work with investment advisors who can help you find the most suitable strategy based on your preferred lifestyle and goals. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is wealth consolidation?

Wealth consolidation refers to combining an array of investments for easier management, more efficient taxation, or pursue a more effective investment strategy.

During the consolidation process, your advisor may help you combine assets that are in the same category, solidify your portfolio without compromising diversity, or trim down assets that are no longer in line to your investment goals. 

Is it better to consolidate investment accounts?

Consolidating investment accounts are often beneficial to investors who don’t have the luxury of time to manage their investments. 

Through consolidation, investments can be combined, trimmed down, or fortified depending on your investment targets.

With effective consolidation, you may take advantage of certain tax benefits, reduce the cost of management fees, or solidify your portfolio. 

Should you put all your money in one investment?

Putting all your money in one investment (popularly known as putting your eggs in one basket) is usually not recommended.

Allocating all your cash in one investment vehicle will expose your portfolio to inherent risks associated with that category.

But while you may choose to diversify your investments, it may be ideal to place your investment management under one roof for easier management and save money. 

What is the smartest way to consolidate wealth?

The smartest way to consolidate wealth is to design an investment structure that is most suitable to your investment goals and current circumstances.

For example, if you are already nearing retirement and most of your investments are still in stocks, you may consider diverting your allocation to more stable opportunities like rental properties. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all investment structure that you can generically follow. Working with a professional investment advisor could be helpful. 

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