Access The Benefits of Property Investment & Change Your Life

Generate Passive Income

A vital step towards gaining your financial freedom, passive income in real estate refers to income earned through rental properties such as commercial spaces and house units. Generating real estate passive income can be fairly difficult when you have never done so in the past or are doing so with no help. A good alternative is to work with professionals who have the experience and expertise.

Retire Early

The best time to start investing properties is 10 years before retirement. While your timeframe grows shorter as you approach your retirement age, there are plenty of opportunities for older investors to start property investments. This is where good financial planning can help you to ensure your investment is suitable to your lifestyle goals and prepare you for your ideal retirement. 

Capital Growth

Capital growth is ideal for those who are willing to wait at least five years to enjoy more equity. While it involves minimal work for the investor, you need to study the local property market to ensure investment success.

Tax Advantages

Your cash flow not just impacts your ability to pay your dues (loan fees and maintenance costs), but also how you build your wealth through investment property. Understand how taxes can become an opportunity to improve your wealth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does an investment property advisor do?

Investment property advisors help individuals and businesses about property investing decisions. Australians love real estate and most investment portfolios in the country include property. I investment advisors are often hired to reduce property investment related risks.

The following are the primary roles and responsibilities of an investment property advisor:

  • Property investment guidance
  • Real estate wealth strategies
  • Debt structuring 
  • Cashflow & budgeting
  • Asset structuring 

How much do I have to pay a property advisor?

The amount that you must pay an investment property advisor may vary.

Some investment advisors charge client fees that are either paid on an hourly basis or as a percentage of your assets under management. 

Others may charge commissions for specific financial transactions such as selling or buying real estate properties or mortgage insurance. 

Many investment advisors are also employed by financial organizations so they can provide free advice and do not charge fees or commissions. 

Do I need a property investment advisor?

While you are free to invest in real estate even without a property advisor, working with an expert is highly beneficial. 

You will have an expert who can guide you in building your wealth through property considering your personal financial goals and circumstances. 

Investment advisors are professionals who can help you navigate the complex financial landscape of property investments. 

With a property advisor, you have peace of mind knowing someone is there by your side to help monitor the real estate market and your portfolio, alerting you if you need to take any action. 

What should I ask a property investment advisor?

Before you hire an investment property advisor, it is normal to ask a few questions to determine if they have your best interests at heart. 

Here are five questions you should ask: 

  1. How do you get paid?
  2. How do you measure success for your clients?
  3. How do you communicate with your clients?
  4. What is your investment philosophy?
  5. How many clients do you work with?

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